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Nyree A.    May 4, 2019
5 Star Yelp Review
First time here today and I'm very happy with the results. I came in for a 6 pm appointment that I reserved at 12:30 pm for a wash, deep conditioning, trim, and blow. From the front desk to the hair professional who took very good care of my hair today exceeded all my expectations. I have very kinky curly hair so it's very important to me that my stylist is knowledgeable with how to work through my hair type. Tiffany definitely knows what she is doing and I felt comfortable in her chair as she worked her magic. This was a great first time experience-beautiful salon and beautiful people. I will definitely return.
Meghana M.   November 9, 2018
5 Star Yelp Review
This was my first time at Capelli's. It was easy making an appointment. Tiffany was my stylist and she was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be coming back to to the salon and her in the future! My natural hair color is black and my previous color job looked just downright awful (orange and yellow, brassy, uneven). During my consultation, I was bent on going back to all black but Tiffany gave me the option of fixing the color up. I didn't think it could have been possible but she was able to color correct the mess into a gorgeous dark red that looked flattering, natural and just downright stunning. I felt like a whole new person. Apart from that, everyone at the salon is extremely friendly and polite. It was a very clean place as well. I recommend Capelli's to anyone looking for amazing professionals who know exactly what they are doing; you'll be in wonderful hands.
Kimberly V.   February 7, 2019
5 Star Yelp Review
Capelli is the only place I will ever go to get my hair done, and Erica is the only stylist I will go too. I came here a year ago, I had gotten the worst hack job from another salon. Erica was able to redeem my hair from the lost cause, and make me feel like a star. I love the honesty of her work, my hair continues to look amazing every time I go visit. Everyone is friendly kind and sweet, always filled with sassy fun attitudes. Listening to Erica's advice my hair is beautiful soft and amazing again I owe it to her and this salon for helping me. I tell everyone where I go and who does my hair, because every compliment I receive is BECAUSE of the work she puts into my hair. Thank you guys so much, I am forever a satisfied happy guest here.
Julia C.   March 29, 2018
Yelp Review - 5 Stars
This salon is fantastic. Kellie McLean has been doing my hair for about seven years and she is a bayalage queen. She also started doing my sisters' and mother's hair after they realized how good mine looked. Not only do I recommend her for complex coloring, but she also an absolute whiz at up-do's. She's done some great prom hair for us in the past and will probably do the hair for our weddings. The entire staff is very warm and friendly. Can't recommend highly enough!
Morgan T.   Jan 9, 2016
5 Star Yelp Review
Still having my extensions and color done by Gino at the Capelli salon. And I'm still amazed at how wonderful he is and how great everyone looks when they leave the Salon. Lol and I look pretty good too! If you're looking for extensions or just a great cut and style this is the go to place!
Kim D   November 20, 2015
Kelly is a genius!
The shop is spotless and everyone there is friendly and professional!
Kimberly Ann   June 24, 2015
Thanks Kelly
I got my hair cut and dyed from very long blonde hair to a red long bob just under two months ago by Kellie M. Transformations like this can be nerve-racking, but Kellie did a beautiful job and took extra time to get the color just right and was pleasant to talk to. Also, red dye tends to fade the fastest of any color, but my hair is still fairly red with no touch-ups nearly two months later, so the dye she uses seems to be of great quality as well! Thank you so much again, Kellie! As for the overall salon, it is a beautiful and very clean space with friendly staff.
Mayan B.   November 21, 2015
Crista is incredible
Crista has been coloring and cutting my hair for years- she is an incredible stylist and always makes me feel so great after leaving her chair!
Dee T.   November 17, 2015
This is the only salon that will consistently deliver!
If you want beautiful hair color, a stylish cut all will admire and someone who truly understands curly hair, this is the only salon that will consistently deliver! Hats off to my stylists Gino and Kelly and the entire Capelli team!
Meghan L   February 10, 2015
Gino the amazing
This is by the the best salon I've ever been to in my entire life. Gino is fabulous, I came to him 2 years ago with a mess of an extension job with no hope. He has transformed my hair, I love it...it looks natural perfect comfortable and long lasting impressive to say the least. Gino is the most accommodating and helpful person I've ever met. He goes out of the way to give you a fabulous experience, I am not the most positive person but the staff and the salon is impeccable. I will be a customer for life! I love capelli 6 star
Isabella B.   January 29, 2015
Kelly is Fantastic!
I am SO glad I found Kelly at Capellis after reading online reviews and a referral from my neighbor. Kelly knew exactly what I wanted and needed to make my cut and color fabulous. She was so patient and her skills are obvious as my hair looks great and I am very picky as I used to work in a salon/spa. Kelly is a keeper! Thank you Kelly
Stephanie Wells   November 05, 2014
Hair extensions (compression)
Ginos hair extensions have made me into a total different person! I feel so confident with my long thick beautiful hair! i am only 17 so i don't have that much money to spend on hair and that is why the tube extensions (gino will know what i mean) is perfect! my hair is PERFECT after a whole year of wear! This same hair has been in the salt water at the beach, in pool, tied up, hairsprayed, curled and straightened and STILL after a year it looks amazing! i go in about every 3 months and get the hair taken out and put back in at the root. I use a Moroccan oil hair mask as a conditioner and any shampoo it doesn't matter. i also use a WET BRUSH every day and nothing else to brush my hair. but yea the hair is great, the price is great, the salon is great, but most importantly gino is great! 5 stars!! no wait 6!!
Robin   July 07, 2014
Five Star Salon! Thanks Gino!
Capelli's is the only place to have anyone touch your hair! I've had many types of hair extensions and the most beautiful results came from Gino, owner of Capelli's. They treat you like family as soon as you step foot in the salon. My extensions were professionally and properly attached and lasted close to four months. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch salon!
Suzanne   September 14, 2013
Hair Extensions
The first thing to strike me at Capelli was these weren't people that just worked together, they are like a family; and the second you walk in, they make you feel like you are part of it. I had my extensions done by Gino. I got to my appointment about a half hour early, just seconds after he walked through the door himself. He didn't make me sit there waiting for my scheduled time. The second he saw me he greeted me and rushed around to set up and get started. When he saw my new color was three shades darker than when I went for my consultation? No problem, he just threw on some color to make it all match. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I will recommend them to everyone I know.
DS   November 15, 2012
Japanese Hair Straightening
I did JHS with Hiromi n she is THE best! I have done it twice and by far i am very happy with the service. Their service is amazing. Would give them 10 on 10!!!
Statira Ziemba   October 06, 2012
Hair Extensions
Elise is a unbelievingly amazing! She is an artist with extensions. I have such bad hair and she made me look like a godess. Yes, I had no idea; she changed my life! Perfection!!!
Courtney D   August 28, 2012
I just wanted to thank y'all again for helping me to look my best for the wedding last night. I enjoyed my visit and if I'm ever in town again, I'll stop by for a visit! Take care.
Brianne   August 08, 2012
Great Salon
I have been going to Capelli's for a few years now. I have been seeing Sherri for almost my entire life. I am in my 20's. She is the ONLY one I trust with my hair. I get so many compliments on my hair all the time. I would recommend Sherri to anyone. Not only is she an excellent stylist, but she is also the only one I trust waxing my eyebrows. She always makes them look great. She is very friendly and extremely knowledgable on latest hair sytles and colors. If you are looking for excellent customer service, go to Capelli.
Feni   May 26, 2012
5 Star treatment
I only have amazing things to say about Capelli. Yesterday was my first time there. Heidi was my stylist and she is amazing. I have black hair that had been previously dyed and I wanted to see if them could get my roots lighter--to match the rest of my hair. No other salon-except for Capelli's--has been able to do this. My hair looks amazing, color incredible, and again, was treated like a queen from the moment I walked in and until I left. I recommend this salon for their impeccable customer service, customer loyalty, and dedication to making every person walk out of their salon feeling like a star. You would be a fool not to go there. I won't go anywhere else. Heidi is a true professional and amazing colorist and Mr. Giovani-the owner-was fully involved with supporting his staff from beginning to end. I love them!
Mary   April 18, 2012
Hair Extensions
Capelli is the #1 place to go for hair extensions. Gino is amazing and one of the nicest people I have ever met. The staff is always polite and professional and the prices are very reasonable. I will definitely be getting another set of hair extensions at Capelli Hair Salon!
Kirsten Nuber   March 20, 2012
Hair Donation
My hair had finally gotten long enough for me to get it cut and donate it. I was a little nervous because I had never had really short hair before but my stylist, Hiromi, was amazing. She told me that if she didn't think the cut I had brought it in with me wouldn't suit me that she would have tried to suggest some changes; her honesty about what style she thought would work well for me (someone who didn't know what they wanted and with little experience with hair styles, particularly short ones) was invaluable and her execution was impeccable. As a college student I also had a bit of trouble scheduling an appointment but the Capelli staff was accommodating and friendly. I will absolutely be coming back to Capelli in the future.
kathryn   December 15, 2011
Erica is by far the best stylist i have ever had she is always very friendly and makes getting my hair done a fun time almost like im having a conversation with one of my girlfriends! and capellis is a warm welcoming and comfortable salon. For the last almost 2 years i will only go to capellis...and plan on staying!
Susan    October 19, 2011
I absolutely love Susan! Every time I get my haircut she makes me feel like more than a customer. She truly makes me feel like it's a time for girl talk and at the end my hair looks fantastic! I can't and never will complain about how my hair turns out after Sue is done with it! She definitely deserves to be a Senior Stylist!!
Ranee   July 20, 2011
Hirmoi is a life-saver and amazing at cutting hair! After a really bad haircut at a different salon, I called Capelli and asked for help. They were extremely pleasant and were able to fit me right in with Hiromi. Hiromi and the entire staff were extremely helpful and saved the day!!! I will be coming back to Hiromi regularly!
renee   July 18, 2011
they are great!
i have been a customer at capelli and have never been disappointed!
GEETHA   June 22, 2011
I LOVE CAPELLI HAIR SALON with its excellent professional mannered respectful staffs,loving environment,reasonable prices,awesome services,mindblowing anf giving the importance for their clients needs and desires and last, but not the least, Mr.Giovani who s a excellent dedicated respectful and a loving sweet etc etc...who is an excellent owner who is not money minded. Rather than focusing to scooping the money from the clients unlike othr stylists he is a jem of a person who always love's his job and DOES HIS BEST AT HIS BEST PERIOD-
Kayla   May 27, 2011
Happy Customer!
My red hair is still looking great!
Debbie C.   May 07, 2011
Great Customer Service
I wanted to let you know that I am so overwhelmed by the customer service that your salon provides and appreciative of the efforts you took to make sure I was satisfied with my new hair color. It cost you money to have me return until we got it just right. I feel and look so great! As a middle aged mother of two young children, my only luxury is haircare- sad but true! I don't often indulge in too much for myself. When I can look and feel this good as a result of your professionalism and technical experience as well as Heidi's perseverance and skill, you know I will be back for more! She was great and pulled off a great look for me. Hey, when people stop me on the street and ask where I get my hair done, I will be proud to say Capelli's! You know it's going to happen! Thank you!
Mallory   February 09, 2011
I went to Capelli's because I had heard that they do great color. I didn't know how AMAZING my hair would come out. Gino knew exactly what I wanted and my color came out beautiful. Because I showed up to Capelli's with 3 different color jobs that I did not like at all, I didn't know what to expect from them. I couldn't have asked for a better color job and I've never been happier! I would recommend Capelli's and Gino to anyone!
Celia D.   July 20, 2010
Hiromi is the best!
Excellent coloring and styling services! I've been going to Capelli for over 20 years and have never been disappointed! My recent straightening by Hiromi was perfect, as always!
Sheryl (posted on Facebook)   March 13, 2010
Congrats on hiring a great manicurist!!!!!!! good luck Natalie!!!
Dawn (posted on Facebook)   February 10, 20
Great cut
I alway have great experiences there but today was the best. I had an appt. with Nicole. I needed a double process to get the red out of my hair. With the help of Gino my hair turned out great. I really liked the color and the cut!! I'm never disappointed.

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